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Weekly Update

Riley Repp

Longest Government Shutdown in History Ends

After a long and arduous five weeks, the longest government shutdown in the United States is over. As reportedly requested by Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, President Trump finally signed a bill to fund the government without any allocated funds for his border wall on Friday, January 24. Government workers missed two paychecks and were forced to make use of food banks across the country in order to make ends meet. Several times, the Trump administration was sued for indentured servitude after forcing government employees to work without pay. However, workers are planned to receive backpay, or reimbursement for those missed paychecks.


Kamala Harris Launches 2020 Campaign

As 2018 has drawn to its end, the run-up to the 2020 election has begun. While Bernie Sanders has already locked in his resources, Kamala Harris is the first to begin actively campaigning in a relative low point of President Trump’s polling. Harris, a proponent of the usual Democratic stalwarts (Tax relief for the middle class, cracking down on Wall Street, dealing with societal divides and wage gaps), Harris is a vocal women’s’ equality activist and caused a stir when she stunned Justice Kavanaugh in his testimony by asking if he knew of a law governing men’s bodies while discussing a possible abortion law. Some see the announcement of her campaign to be a show of strength from Harris, who has become one of the bulwarks of the Mueller probe and most vocal people in the Democratic party. As has become a growing trend in the Democratic party, Harris’s campaign refuses to take funds from corporate political action committees and exists solely on private donations.


Winter Weather Strikes Midwest with New Lowest Temperatures

After a relatively mild fall and early winter, Jack Frost has made it clear he’s still here. Lows for the week fell negative with a whopping feel prediction of -28 degrees on Tuesday night. This weeks sets the stride for the rest of the winter; expect temperatures to get colder from here on out until spring.

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