New Restaurants in Columbus

Anna Combs

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In the past year, Columbus has expanded its restaurant options to the satisfaction of westsiders and those traveling Interstate 65. These two well-known restaurants are Panda Express and McAlister’s.

McAlister’s has over 400 locations in the U.S., and Panda Express has over 2,000. There are five times more Panda Express restaurants in the U.S. than McAlister’s, revealing Panda Express’ popularity in the country.

Within the halls of East High School, 58 percent of students said that they preferred Panda Express over McAlister’s, and 42 percent of students said that they preferred McAlister’s. This shows that Panda Express is more popular among the students at East.

McAlister’s is known for their soups, salads, subs, and spuds. They are also well known for their famous sweet tea.

Panda Express serves a more wide range of food. They serve Chinese-cuisine inspired dishes such as: orange chicken, teriyaki chicken, kung Pao chicken and more. The meat is often served with steamed rice, fried rice, mixed vegetables, or chow mein.

Panda Express is also considered more fast food since they give visitors their food as soon as they choose what they want. At McAlister’s they typically bring customers their food shortly after they sit down.

While Columbus has many local favorites, such as Yo Mama’s and Zwanzigz, it is nice that the food chain options in Columbus are being expanded. New restaurants add more variety, which Columbus definitely needs. Overall McAlister’s and Panda Express have been a big hit in Columbus.

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