Divide and Conquer Late School Work

Kylie Brooks

Trying to catch up on late work while also trying to complete new assignments is a stress that all students are familiar with, and between sports and other extracurricular activities, students may feel no motivation to do it.

There are some teachers who will not accept late work. That being said, even if that teacher will not accept the work, it might still be good to look over the assignment and see if you understand it. There may be a test or later work that relates to it.

Of course, you need to worry about assignments that have a closer due date first and assignments that are worth a lot of points. If I am missing an assignment and it is worth ten points, as opposed to one that is due soon that is worth 30, I would probably focus on the 30-point assignment.

One useful tip is to set timers to keep track of how long you have been working on something. Maybe work on an overdue assignment for ten minutes and then work on a current assignment for another ten minutes. If you get stuck on a problem, move on to the next one and come back to it later. You will get a lot more work done this way.

After a certain amount of time, even if the assignment is not completely finished, it might be better to turn it in as is. The longer you put it off, the less likely the teacher will be willing to accept it, especially if the teacher takes a certain percent or amount of points of of the assignment. Some points are better than none.

Do not make up an excuse for why an assignment is not done if you do not really have one. Being honest will be better in the long run, even if the teacher will not accept your work because it is late. You might be surprised and find the teacher is more understanding than you would expect. If the teacher asks you any follow up questions about what you said and you have forgotten, you will be caught, and the consequences will likely be more severe than just not having an assignment done. Simply tell your teacher that you forgot about the assignment and move on.

If you want to do your school work but cannot seem to find motivation, you can try looking at your grades to see how your grade would change if you fail the assignment. That usually motivates me. Also, go somewhere quiet that has an academic atmosphere. I tend to get more work done when I am at the library or school as opposed to when I am at home.

Homework is an important aspect of school. Getting it done can be difficult at times, but it can be rewarding. It helps to keep your grade up and prepare you for tests. So, even if it seems like busy-work, or you do not want to do it, try your best to complete it.