Disney Or Universal?

Ethan Glaid & Brody Copas

Universal – Ethan Glaid

The generation of great Disney movies has been dead for a very long time. Great classics such as Beauty and the Beast and Sleeping Beauty can not carry the weight of newer movies like Cars 3. However, Universal is constantly producing great classics. Universal has produced countless iconic series such as Shrek, Fast and Furious, Harry Potter, Jurassic Park… let’s be honest, the list goes on and on. Universal also does not have to rely on huge purchases of other franchises in order to keep an audience. With recent purchases of Marvel, Star Wars, and Pixar, Disney has basically bought their audience. Universal has also produced movies for a wider range of audience. They include movies not only for kids but teenagers and adults too. Universal is the clear winner and uses their own production and movies in order to produce money and an audience on their own.

Disney – Brody Copas

Both franchises, Disney and Universal, have been making instant classics since their companies were created. These include movies such as Shrek and Harry Potter for Universal. Disney has classics such as Mulan, Lion King, and the Little Mermaid. Disney movies often carry a strong message, while Universal does not. For example, in princess movies, they show strength and courage from the princess. Universal on the other hand, has movies like Transformers and Jurassic World that doesn’t have much of a message, other than for the cool CGI and action scenes.

Many people don’t think that Disney has a variety of movies like Universal does. However, Disney currently owns Marvel, Pixar, and Lucasfilm. These branches give Disney a variety of movies for adults and kids. Not only are these companies used for audiences, these companies give Disney enough money to make more movies and to upgrade their six parks. Having six parks around the world allows people everywhere to enjoy the parks. Compared to Universal’s two parks that are only located in Los Angeles and Florida, Disney is far superior in this category.

Overall, Disney’s classic and loveable movies and the quantity of Disney parks makes Disney the more thriving and successful company.


Disney Or Universal

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