Where Is the Best Drinking Fountain at East?

Alli Barnette

There are tons of drinking fountains around the four floors that we have at East. If you are a water drinker like me, you probably have noticed that the drinking fountains have a different taste. I decided to taste all of  the water fountains around school and see which one is the best.

  1. Cafeteria water: MWAH! Best water at school. It tastes about the same as the resource level, but is much softer. If you want to make the walk, this is the best water to have throughout the day. Smart Water who?
  2. Resource water: One of the best water fountains at East. This water is the dupe of Ice Mountain water. It’s always cold and tastes like your average water. It gives you a great, refreshing taste while quenching your thirst. It is not as soft as the cafeteria water. This is what I personally like fill my water bottle with to sip on throughout the day.
  3. The Fourth Floor water: Very soft water. Has a slight taste to it, but it’s cold and very refreshing. If it’s your only fountain near your class, you’d be fine filling your water bottle.  
  4. Gallery water: A step up from the weight room. Softer, but still has a metallic taste to it. It is okay, but not the best. 
  5. Weight Room/Gym water: Weirdest tasting water around school. This water tastes very metallic. It will quench your thirst, but it won’t please your taste buds. This is the water you drink when you are thirsty and just need some moisture, it is definitely not the kind of water you can fill your water bottle with and sip on throughout the day.