The Emergence of Online Shopping


Margo Brunner

Online shopping is one of the perks of the new age; with technology right at our fingertips, you can almost do anything. Not everyone has time to go to the store and pick something up, so online shopping can provide a quick and effortless way to get things you need, without leaving the comfort of your home.

Some people do not have time to go to the store during their busy day or maybe it is too late and the store they needed to go to is closed. Online companies, such as Amazon and many more, provide fast shipping that ranges from 2-4 days. Along with the quick delivery, online shopping can provide what you want and more, since more items are available in the warehouse than are in store. Not only that, but you also get easy price comparisons, lessened pressure, and no crowds! These perks provide faster ways to get the things you need without having to rush somewhere last minute.

Although online shopping may be the way to go, there are some downsides to online shopping. There are scammers on the internet. When you are scammed, you either do not receive the item you ordered and paid for, or you don’t receive an item that resembles the picture you see online. The way to avoid these issues is to check the websites feedback and read reviews. If many different people are saying there is a problem, try not to buy from this store. Also be cautious if a hot new item has a suspiciously low price, this may steer towards a scam. These can happen, but not all the time.

I have been in many “emergencies” for things I needed in very little time. For formal this year, I needed a dress in a week and I did not have time to go to Greenwood and find one since you have to basically carve out an entire day just to go to the mall. I went online to Lulu’s and found a variety of dresses. I ordered it and got it 4 days later, just in time.

Online shopping provides a quick, easy, and fun way to get all the things you need without the worry of time. If you do not like spending all your time and money at the mall, online shopping may be for you.