Prom at a Price

Annie Bastian


With prom right around the corner, many students around East wonder how they will pay for all the components that go into the night. For a minimal prom experience, the couple will have to at least buy a dress, tux, corsage and dinner. This is not including all the other components that most pay for such as hair, nails and makeup. For high schoolers who are either too busy for a job or saving every penny they make for college, it is hard to come up with the money to afford going.

To battle all the expenses though, East students are finding alternative ways to save money. One way that students save money is by advertising a business. Just last week, there were students dressed in suit jackets in order to advertise. In return, they can get a discount on their prom suits.

Another solution students have explored is using an already-owned dress. At one point in time wearing hand-me-downs was taboo, but nowadays it is the thing to do. Many girls are buying other girls dresses, buying from pawn shops or just passing on their dresses from the year before.

Junior Michaela Greathouse is one student that was fortunate enough to to find a beautiful dress that she did not have to personally buy.  

Greathouse said, “I was given my prom dress from Maddy Ping. Maddy and I have been good friends since my freshman year and when her junior year came around, I told her that I loved her dress. It was given to me because she wore it her junior year and wasn’t going to use it again. The dress is originally $800 and she gave it to me for free. It was given to her by a family friend and her only request was to pass it on to someone I love!”

By wearing a dress that has only had one use, she will save herself quite a bit of money.

“With not having the extra expenses, I’m allowed to have my makeup, nails, hair and shoes all paid and done. It’s saved my family a lot of stress and money!” said Greathouse.

Students all around the school are finding great ways to make prom a night to remember without the financial burden.

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