Preparing for the Future

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Preparing for the Future

Anna Combs

Many students struggle with deciding what career they want to pursue in the future. That is why here at East we have C4 classes. C4 classes help students discover what they are interested in, and what career path would be best for them.

Some C4 classes offered here at East are nursing, dentistry, veterinary, constructuction, welding, automotive, radio and television broadcasting and more. C4 classes can be helpful in aiding students as they figure out what they are interested in.

Without C4 classes, many college students would probably choose to change their degree if they were to find out what they were going into isn’t for them. This is why C4 classes are an awesome opportunity. It gives students a chance to figure out what they want to do before they go to college.

“I think it is an awesome opportunity for students to come in and get a nice foundation and test it out before they spend the time, the money and the energy towards a career they are not sure of,” Melissa Ticen, a dentistry teacher here at East, said.

C4 classes also allow students to go out into the workplace and observe or work. In the second year of a C4 class, students get to do an externship at a workplace. This gives students the opportunity to get out in the real world and see what kind of profession they want to go into and what it looks like.  

“C4 students will also be a step ahead of other students in college because of the experience they will already have,” Ticen said.

Students in BCSC should definitely take advantage of C4 classes to help prepare them for their future.   


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