A Night to Say Thanks

Monica Burton

On the second to last game of the season, the softball team for East started a new tradition that involved the entire community. To show their appreciation, each player and coach selected a teacher or mentor to recognize for their hard work and dedication.

“If we are going to expect our athletes to be engaged in the classroom, we should recognize those teachers [and] mentors who have had an impact when our athletes buy into that concept. We always believe that excellence in the classroom is a core philosophy; we should always show appreciation to those people who help us achieve one of our core philosophies,” varsity softball coach, Rusty Brummett, said.

After attending the Indiana University versus Purdue softball game where they did a similar event of recognizing teachers, Brummett and the rest of the coaching staff thought it would be a great idea to do this at East as well.

Before the game started against Bloomington South, every player was handed a ball where they could write a personal note to the person they chose. Some of the teachers featured were Allana Heath, Brent Chitty, Kathryn Baugh, Aaron Lynott and several others. The team also made sure to recognize the office staff, Mark Newell, Charles Edwards, Pete Huse and as well as other coaches.

For sophomore Kaitlin Brummett, she decided to pick her ninth grade english teacher, Jennifer Carroll, to acknowledge.

“I choose Mrs. Carroll because she is a role model to me and she is an all around good teacher and a good person. She has been a very helpful person to me not only with my school life but with my life out of school as well,” Brummett said.

Not only were teachers identified, but individuals who are behind the scenes that not everyone sees. Junior Rebecca Carter wanted to recognize McKensie Vanosdol, one of the athletic trainers.

“I chose her because she takes spectacular care of me throughout all of my injuries. Especially the one I have now. She comes in early on specific days to do rehab with me for my injury,” Carter said. “Everything from helping with mental health, to letting me rant to her, to pretty much being another mother to me!”

Every player and coach on the team enjoyed this opportunity. Not only did this allow a way to honor their mentors, but it also let them see how they have impacted their student’s lives.

“I think recognizing someone who has taken part in shaping us into the people we are today is a great idea. It made the people we chose feel special and they deserve to have their moment,” sophomore Maddison Uphaus said.

With the success of the first appreciation night, the entire team hopes to continue this new tradition for years to come.