Hepatitis A Outbreak at Amazing Joe’s Grill

Shelby Morrow, Photography Editor

The Republic reported Amazing Joe’s Grill closed May 1, 2019 due to an employee having Hepatitis A. 

Hepatitis A is a liver infection that can be transmitted by food and is very contagious. The symptoms consisted of a low-grade fever, loss of appetite, nausea and abdominal pain. 

This virus is rare in the U.S. and there are only 20,000 cases per year. There is a vaccination that people can get to try and decrease their likely chance of getting it. 

Once the restaurant found out about its employee, it immediately called the Bartholomew County Health Department. For the safety of the customers, the health department set up a clinic at the Fair Oaks Mall for the previous customers to get tested. 

The employee was immediately put off of work and the restaurant was sanitised, thoroughly cleaned and cleared. 

According to Dr. Brian Niedbalski, who is the Health Department Officer, the chances of any of the customers getting Hepatitis A was very rare.

It was believed that she could have had poor hygiene and that could have contributed to her getting the virus. 

The other 45 employees were treated and the ones who were not already vaccinated were vaccinated for their safety. 

The employee had worked at the restaurant for one year and the information on where she worked in the restaurant could not be told.  

The restaurant was opened the next day and everything that happened the previous day was gone.