Impossible Burger? More Like Imposter Burger

Alexis Kieninger, Staff Reporter

Burger King recently came out with a vegetarian friendly burger. Even though I am far from a vegetarian, when I hear an advertisement for plants that taste like meat, I am all for it. So I took my credit card with high hopes, and went to Burger King. 

When I went in, I ordered both The Impossible Whopper and the original Whopper. I have to say, the presentation of both was lacking. I smelled both of them suspiciously, trying to find a difference. When there was not a strong one, my hopes soared higher. 

As I tentatively took my first bite I was sorely disappointed. It tasted just like any other veggie burger for sale at the grocery store. I spit out my first bite and found another part of the burger that had cheese on it, trying to give the sandwich a chance to redeem itself. However, as I took a second bite, my hopes were still not met. It almost tasted worse. Once the cheese and ketchup flavors faded it was like eating a reverse Warhead. Yet another bite went into the bag as I spit it out. 

At this point I was questioning the quality of Burger King’s food and I was feeling utterly defeated. So I opened my regular Whopper and tried a bite of it. Suddenly the world felt right again because what looked like meat tasted like meat too. 

I grabbed the imposter burger and threw it out the window for some sweet herbivore to enjoy. 

Needless to say, I strongly suggest getting a regular Whopper. While the Impossible Whopper was out of my comfort zone, it did not meet my expectations. It lacked the authenticity of real meat texture and flavor. It was an interesting experience, but it is also one I would not want to have again.

If you are planning on trying the Impossible Whopper, heed my warning. It is likely to not meet your expectations.