Meet the Staff: Shelby Morrow

Joss Laiz Diaz, Staff Reporter

Photography is everywhere; you see it in magazines, social media, movie posters and more. It revolves around human life. It also happens to revolve around junior Shelby Morrow’s life.

Morrow has made it her main goal in life to become a photographer as her career.


“I want to go into photography as a career,” Morrow said. “I’ve been doing photography since probably about fifth grade.”

More specifically, Morrow wants to work for National Geographic as an oceanographer. Morrow has always been interested in marine life and the moment she found out that Columbus East offered ocean classes she took that as an opportunity.

“My ultimate goal is to be successful, but also be an oceanographer for National Geographic,” Morrow said.

Morrow is currently a photography editor for The Oracle, but she had not aimed to be in that position from the very beginning. Morrow played in band, until she had to quit.

“I was in band from fifth grade and then I quit my sophomore year,” Morrow said. “I quit because as a junior you have to learn to prioritize.”

Morrow was previously in photography classes from freshman to sophomore year, until halfway through sophomore year she was not able to take photography four. 

“I talked to Callison and she subbed me into newspaper, and then I started as a photographer,” Morrow said. “That’s how I got photography editor.” 

Morrow’s biggest accomplishment yet was making photography editor. 

“I wasn’t even in here for a year and then I guess you could say I was skilled enough to get the position,” Morrow said. “I was just shocked.”

Morrow’s ultimate goal is to get her photography out there for people to see.

“Since I started at a young age I’ve been getting my photography out there, and just getting my photography out there is crucial to that fact.” Morrow said. “If people don’t see it, it’s not going to become known.”