Kylie Jenner Makes Cash Off Her Own Meme

Heidi Banaschak, Staff Reporter

Kylie Jenner has recently become the star of social media’s spotlight once again. After uploading her office tour to Youtube, viewers went crazy over Jenner waking up her daughter Stormi from a nap by singing the phrase “rise and shine” like she was trying out for The X Factor. Fans quickly took to Instagram and Twitter, posting their opinions of the singing. 

Jenner went along with the teasing, including the use of “Riiise and Shiinneee” in a caption on her instagram makeup account, @kyliecosmetics. On her main account, Jenner posted a picture of a cartoon sun rising, with a sticker of her face in the center. “No caption needed” was posted as the caption.

Ariana Grande, who jumped on the trend, went so far as to post herself trying out the lyrics with her own singing. Even more, Grande asked for Jenner’s permission to take a sample of the lyrics. Jenner approved, but said only if she was featured in the music video.

The tweets, TikToks and other taunting social media posts paid off when Jenner turned her own meme into merch.. She posted a picture of two sweatshirt designs on her main account, both of them featuring “rise and shine” and her face on a sun. Although Jenner deleted the post shortly after posting, the sweatshirts are still available on her online store, 

Kylie Jenner profiting over her own “rise and shine” meme is another example of how the Kardashians, and any other famous family or celebrity, can turn social media fame into cash.