Meet the Staff: Grace Wolter

Allie Hall, Staff Reporter

Transitions are hard and changes are difficult to get used to. Sometimes, people are taught one way their whole life, then suddenly everything changes. Maybe they are not sure whether this change will be for the better or worse. This used to be the case with sophomore Grace Wolter.

“I went to New Tech last year, I’ve been in CSA my entire life and I’ve never really been to ‘normal school’ because I went to CSA Lincoln then CSA Central,” Wolter said.

Wolter has always gone to CSA, which seems like a big change from East. However, Wolter does not think this way.

“I was actually really nervous but it wasn’t that bad. It could’ve been a lot worse,” Wolter said. “I had some friends [at East] and I’m still adapting to it, but so far it’s been pretty good.”

Although Wolter thinks well of her transition from New Tech to East, there are a lot of differences that she is having to adapt to.

“New Tech is a lot smaller, so there’s less students and there’s only one floor, so going from different floors all day is really weird, and classes are a lot smaller,” Wolter said. “There is less students, this many people in one classroom is different. I’ve always learned stuff through projects and planning things so doing textbook work or just basic stuff is different.”

There are a lot of changes that Wolter is going through this year. She came to East looking for a different school environment than she had grown up in.

“Last year I just kind of started to not like CSA programs and always doing projects,” Wolter said. “I wanted a change.”

Through all the changes and transitions from New Tech to East, Wolter has been able to take it in the best way possible and has a great philosophy about her new school.

“I kinda think coming to East this year, and coming to a ‘normal school’ is something that defined what I wanted and who I was after coming to a different school and learning in a new way other than projects,” Wolter said.

Wolter has had a great experience with her transition from New Tech to East. Her experience with this life-changing transition has been much better than she had expected. Wolter has been able to embrace this change in her life in the best way.