Meet the Staff: Margo Brunner

Gaby Heredia

Change can be a challenging obstacle in anyone’s life, but for junior Margo Brunner it is a different story. Brunner’s childhood was a rollercoaster of adjustments and has shaped her into the resilient person she is today. 

In the fourth grade, Brunner’s family decided that it was time for her to switch schools in order to join the accelerated program at Parkside. She had attended a private school before and was used to being extremely close with all the students there. Transferring to a public school forced her to make new friends and be a little more outgoing. This was a difficult change for Brunner, academically and friend wise.  

“I got there and it was scary because I didn’t know anyone except for like two people. It seemed like I was a little fish in a big old pond,” Brunner said.

Only two years later, in sixth grade, Brunner’s life changed again when she moved houses. It might not seem like it should have a huge impact on her, but it threw a wrench in her childhood because of the sentimental attachment she felt for her family home.

“I loved this house so much and my mom was looking at houses and next thing you know we had bought a new one,” Brunner said.

It was hard for her to accept that she had no other option but to leave her childhood home. Forcing the good and bad memories out of her mind was easier said than done. After getting through that emotional time, she learned that accepting change can do good in life. 

Currently, Brunner has found a sport that positively impacts her life and gets her through tough times. Cheering for East, Brunner has made many new friends and sees it as a fun time, as opposed to soccer, which was not up her alley. 

Brunner has played Parks and Recreation soccer for the majority of her childhood and continued playing for the East Women’s Soccer team her freshman year. She always found the sport enjoyable and loves the team’s connection with each other. When she discovered her passion was not quite enough to keep her playing, she switched to cheerleading. 

“Cheer is a little different than last year just because not as many of my friends are on the team, but the team now is starting to connect,” Brunner said. “I’m glad I made the switch because I do like it better than soccer.”

Brunner has had the time to get used to change and believes it is a positive way of life if you make it that way.