Meet the Staff: Aiden Nesci

Vibha Srinivasan, Staff Reporter

Passion, defined as a strong and barely controllable emotion, is meant to fill the soul, provide a sense of purpose and give people something to strive for. 

Freshman Aiden Nesci is surely one of the best examples of a passionate person. When a new movie comes out there is a general excitement, but his enthusiasm towards movies reaches a whole new level. Aiden shares what he truly values about his passions and how they play a role in his everyday life. 

“I’m super passionate about movies, and cinema,” Nesci said. “My favorite movie is ‘The Shawshank Redemption.’” 

Nesci shares his love for film productions and his curiosity for the details of cinema that the average person might never know. 

Hollywood and pop culture is something that continuously influences our lives. Although most of us simply keep up with the drama, Nesci likes to understand the brains behind these major motion pictures that at times, help us, the audience, through a lot.

“I like directors and stuff like that, and I go to the movie theater, like 10 times a year, I go a lot, probably more than that.” Nesci said. “I like seeing what I like about [a movie] and what I don’t like about it.”

Nesci likes to take the time to understand the purpose of a movie and focus on the deeper meaning of the story as well as the inspiration for why it was made as it was. Going into the film industry may also be something Nesci is interested in.  

“I don’t really know what I want to do when I grow up right now but I feel like that’d be fun to do,” Nesci said.

Creating his own movies and content is something Nesci enjoys. Sometimes he films his brother skateboarding, making good practice and allowing him to do what he loves.

Being in an environment like high school can make being proud of your passions and hobbies difficult. Aiden does not have this problem. What he enjoys doing is more important than what other people might have to say about it.

“I don’t really care, I like talking about movies,” Nesci said. 

Whether we have one passion in our lives that we channel all our energy into, or many different ones, using them when we need them most is important. Movies and TV shows can help Nesci through hard times. 

“I feel like passions can be linked to each other in a good way and when I’m sad or something or upset I just like to watch some shows,” Nesci said. “My favorite shows are ‘Community’, ‘The Office’, ‘Parks and Recreation’ and ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.’”  

Nesci’s love and energy towards movies and tv shows is truly something he is very proud of. We all have something that makes us happy, Nesci’s happy place being movies.