Start the New Year Right With These Old Traditions

Grace Wolter, Staff Reporter

The end of the decade also brings in the new year. On Dec. 31, people all around the world will gather, waiting in anticipation as the clock strikes midnight. Whether you are celebrating with your family or friends, there are always traditions being done. 

Everyone has their own way of welcoming the new year and a lot of New Year’s traditions we know and love actually dates back to ancient times. The New Year means new beginnings for everyone and allows everyone to “start over.”

One of the most popular traditions is making a New Year’s resolution. By making a resolution one hopes to maybe change an undesired behavior or even trait. They may try to improve their life by accomplishing a personal goal.

If you are looking to try something new for New Year’s, there are traditions from all around the world that people have been doing for centuries. Here are some examples:


  • Ancient Thailand guns were fired to scare off demons
  • Firecrackers in china banished the forces of darkness
  • Early America heard the sound of pistol shots all night
  • The Swiss bang their drums
  • North Americans blow party horns and listen to sirens saying goodbye to the new year
  • To honor the 12 months in a year, people in Spain eat 12 grapes at midnight
  • Rice promises prosperity 
  • Eating donuts (or any ring-shaped treat) represents “coming full circle”
  • Black-eyed peas and pork foretell predicts good fortune
  • The symbol of fertility, eggs, are exchanged wishing future mothers luck


This New Year’s Eve, try out a new tradition. Maybe kiss someone or pay all your debts. Just remember to have fun and start the year out as the best version of yourself.