Fall Guys Season Two Takes on Medieval Twist


Design By: Joycee Redman

Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout is a battle royale game developed by Mediatonic. It was released on Aug. 4 2020, and has gained popularity over the course of this month. After selling over 7 million copies on steam it has become the most downloaded game on Playstation Plus of all time. It’s also going towards its second season soon. Here is a little information about the game, what to expect for season two, and a small recap on season one.

The game works like this, 60 players join in a series of mini-games where they compete to cross the finish line, finish an obstacle course, or successfully get through memory matching. Players are then eliminated as the rounds go by, eventually leading up to the winner. 

Fall guys was released on the PS4 and PC, so unfortunately all Xbox and Nintendo users won’t be able to play at the moment.

Now, season two is medieval-inspired and will be bringing in new costumes and mini-games. Mini-games will include “Traverse giant drawbridges” and “Dodge swinging axes” inspired by epic quests from the Middle Ages. As for the costumes, players will be able to dress their little jelly beans as wizards, knights or dragons. A release date has not yet been set, but it should come around in Oct.

As for season one, it is coming to an end on Oct. 6. The season included 40 levels for players to compete to the end. Those 40 levels also include rewards such as outfits, colors, and patterns that are used to customize a player’s fall guy. 

All in all, this season has undoubtedly been successful, and it would be no surprise if season two has the same luck.