Mandalorian Review: Episode Two


Design By: Maggie O’Connor

So far in the second season of The Mandalorian, we have seen excitement, adventure and thrill, just like any other Star Wars production. However, something that keeps me (and other viewers) captivated in this show is its suspense. There is no doubt that episode two of season two brought us that. 

As Mando and The Child pick up a new passenger in their ship, The Razorcrest, a new and dangerous journey is just ahead. The new passenger, who has not been named yet, needs passage to the planet where her husband is waiting for her. The only catch, she is carrying her unfertilized eggs along with her, and she requests that Mando travel sub-light to keep her eggs safe. While traveling, there are a few major bumps along the way. This episode is pretty much just chase scene after chase scene, which is what The Mandalorian’s action is known for. 

After being chased down by Republic X-Wings, the Razorcrest crashes into a frozen tundra and The Child, Mando and the passenger are left stranded to repair the ship on their own. Soon enough, they are faced with another enemy due to The Child’s hungry curiosity and find themselves being chased down by gigantic spiders and millions of their freshly hatched children. Soon enough, they are saved by the X-Wing pilots who were previously chasing them down. Mando is able to repair the ship enough to get it going again, and the trio takes off and continues their journey to bring the passenger and her eggs home. 

This episode is filled with refreshing excitement and some of the funniest jokes I have seen in the show so far. While it is easy to write this episode off as a filler, I was happy to see some humor in the show again and am looking forward to Jon Favreau’s personal touch in the episodes to come. While I have severe arachnophobia, I could hardly look away from the screen during this episode. If you have a fear of spiders as well, I would caution you in this episode but encourage you to give it a chance because this was one of the most suspenseful episodes to date.