Recognition in a Random World

Design By: Margo Brunner

Design By: Margo Brunner

The necessity to be recognized is inherent to almost all individuals. Almost all of us want to stand out and blaze our own paths in life, but the forest is growing evermore foggy for the trailblazers in this world. 

Due to the ever-growing scrutiny surrounding pop culture and commerce in the world, individuals are finding it harder and harder to make it out of the crowd and set their own styles and trends. 

So how does one stand out in today’s crowd? The answer is less clear than it has ever been before. 

Speaking to some individuals, they might say that recognition requires hard work and dedication at their craft. In some fields, this is usually the case. In sports, the athletes that stand out the most are usually the best players.

Lebron James is the most popular player today because he is the best player today. If James had not worked hard to become the best player in the league, then he would not have gained the recognition he has accumulated over the years.

Outside of sports though, recognition can be as random as the roll of the dice. The internet icon “Charlie Bit my Finger” gained international recognition overnight on YouTube for simply being bitten on the finger.

If being an icon was as simple as being bitten on the finger, then everybody could be an icon. The path, of course, is much more cloudy and unpredictable.

Artists who spend years coming up with beautiful works of art or cinema are glanced over, but Charlie and his parents who used a hand-held camera are praised for their work.

This is a discrepancy that will most likely never be solved, but one that is certainly intriguing to unravel.