Meet the Staff: Pranav Kumar

Being a good student and a great athlete is just the beginning of senior Pranav Kumar. Moving from India to Pittsburgh at around 11 months old shaped his personality and who he is today. Getting the living experience in Pittsburgh opened Kumar up to a world of possibilities at a young age.

“When I first moved to the United States, I used to live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. One thing that impacted my personality a lot was going to the Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh,” Kumar said. 

This was what first piqued his interest in science. He loves problem solving and logic as well as the other characteristics that come along with science. 

“My approach to the world is what I drew from going to that museum,” Kumar said. “I still love museums to this day.”

As Kumar gets older, his focus on what he wants to do in the future has been narrowed down to engineering. However, throughout his life, he has always been curious about different things. From wanting to become an astronaut to wanting to go into design, his creative mind never stops.

“Being a minority has shaped who I am today,” Kumar said. “Hate from outside isn’t as bad as the struggles you face when it comes to pressure with your family.”

Pressure has always been high in Kumar’s household. Moving from India, his family has focused on staying together. Being far away from your family is always a risk because you do not know for certain who you have and can trust. 

“Most Indians are very traditional about going to school and getting good grades because they feel as if they only have themselves to rely on in the future,” Kumar said. “Being a part of East and growing up here has made my perspective on that a little different.”

The difference in opinions has caused friction in the Indian community. As the ideology is changing, Kumar is evolving into himself. Moving from India has given him a different outlook on life that not many people will ever experience. 

Taking the road less traveled is Kumar’s goal. He knows that the set path is not for him and is excited to see what his future has in store.