WandaVision Review: Episode 5


Design By: Allie Hall

WandaVision continues to show its innovative structure, as episode five showed yet another new layout for the show. This episode showed both the perspective of Wanda, Vision and the other people in Westview, and also the perspective of the people outside of the barrier.

The episode started off showing Wanda and Vision having a bit of parenting troubles trying to get their twins to go to sleep. Agnes stops by to assist, but something odd happens where Agnes asks Wanda if she should take the scene from the top and Wanda nervously laughs it off and tries to convince Vision nothing is wrong. The twins suddenly stop crying and they somehow aged five years. It then switches over to Monica Rambeau being evaluated after her experience in Westview. During the briefing, it is revealed that Wanda broke into S.W.O.R.D. headquarters to steal Vision’s body and bring him back to life. Back in the sitcom, the twins are seen hiding a dog in their kitchen and Agnes comes over with a doghouse. The boys age up to ten years old when Wanda and Vision tell them they can not have a dog until then. Back at the base outside Westview, Monica is trying to figure out how to get back inside the town without Being under Wanda’s control. In Westview, Vision is at work with Norm and they come across an email from S.W.O.R.D. that everyone in the office starts to read robotically. Vision uses his powers to override Wanda’s power over Norm and Norm starts to freak out about someone in his head and Vision quickly reverses his powers. Meanwhile, Wanda is at home with the twins when a drone enters Westview that Monica is controlling. She tries to communicate with Wanda, and Wanda uses her powers to destroy the drone. She then comes out of Westview to meet them to tell them to leave her home alone. She then goes back into Westview. Back in Westview, Wanda and the twins are looking for their dog, Sparky, and find out that he died. The twins want Wanda to revive him but Wanda says it is wrong, showing us that she knows what she is doing with Westview is wrong. Vision tells Wanda that he knows what is happening to the people in the town. Wanda tries to convince Vision that she is not controlling anyone and Vision continues to try and convince her what she is doing is wrong. Suddenly the doorbell rings, and Wanda opens the door to reveal Pietro Maximoff, whom she somehow recast with the X-Men Quicksilver.

I really liked this episode. The new layout of being able to see both inside and outside of the sitcom made the show even more interesting.