WandaVision Review: Episode 6


Design By: Allie Hall

Episode six of WandaVision builds on the formula of the previous episode, splitting the viewers’ time between Wanda’s sitcom, Vision’s subplot about him realizing that something is wrong with Westview and the real world with S.W.O.R.D. 

This episode jumps to the early 2000s and draws very heavy inspiration from Malcolm in the Middle. In fact, the episode’s theme song is a direct homage to the show. After the intro we see that the recast Pietro Maximoff, played by Evan Peters, is staying on Wanda’s sofa, acting as the “Cool Uncle” to her kids Billy and Tommy. It is Halloween in Westview and the kids are preparing to go trick or treating. Each member of the house dresses in their comic accurate costumes, including Billy and Tommy, who dress like their comic book aliases Wiccan and Speed respectively. This could possibly be setting up a Young Avengers movie down the road, but only time will tell. We then cut to outside the barrier, with Jimmy, Darcy and Monica trying to convince Director Hayward not to hurt Wanda, claiming that she is still a hero. Hayward then tells them they do not belong there and kicks them out of the facility. They suspect something is wrong so they break back into the base and hack into the files to see what is going on. Back in Westview we see the kids, Wanda and Pietro enjoying their Halloween, before we cut to Vison who is snooping around the outskirts of Westview, hoping to discover what is really going on. He sees the people living on the outside of town frozen, seemingly the extent of Wanda’s powers. He then finds his neighbor Agnes near the end of town, frozen as well. Vision uses his powers to wake her up and she asks if she is dead, because Vision died in Infinity War. Vision then decides he needs to leave Westview. When he leaves Westview, he slowly falls apart. Wanda’s son, Billy, realizes he has powers and tells his mom that he feels like Vision is in trouble. Wanda then extends the border of Westview, trapping the S.W.O.R.D. agents inside. 

I really liked this episode. Seeing Billy and Tommy start to have their powers was really interesting to see. Evan Peters Quicksilver was great. I still wonder why he was recast with the X-Men version, but that will probably be explained before the show ends.