Generation of Exectations

Generation of Exectations

As Gen Z grows up, more activists and even celebrities have emerged. Members of this generation, from Charli D’Amelio to Greta Thunberg, have made a huge impact on our society. While it is inspiring to see so many young people make positive contributions in a world full of chaos and oppression, older generations may be raising the bar too high for the generation as a whole. 

As millions of Gen Z members have united on TikTok, they have already made impressive changes. From influencing a presidential election to having a huge online presence, some teenagers who are part of this generation will go in future history books. Some members made a big difference even before social media had such an impact on society. 

One of the first people in Gen Z who made an incredible impact is Malala Yousafzai, the youngest Nobel Prize laureate. She fights for women’s rights in Pakistan after getting shot in the head several years ago. 

While Gen Z young adults, like Malala, have changed the world, the majority of kids and young adults in this generation are receiving too much pressure from older generations. As climate change worsens without major changes being made to stop it, the issue is being left to the youth to handle in a few years. 

While Gen Z continues to enter the workforce and spit out more problem-solvers and leaders, more big problems will be given to them to fix. Pressure from older generations and the expectations for Generation Z may lead them to disappointment if some of the biggest problems, such as the environment, cannot be fixed.