Clash Royale Card Review


Clash Royale is a popular mobile game in which cards are placed in an online match to take down your opponent’s tower. In 2017, an attempt was made by CEHS News to rank the top 10 out of 77 cards in the game. However, 4 years later there are now 102 cards in the game. Many updates have been made to the game such as the alteration of cards abilities, damage, and HP. A new and refreshing list has been made to accommodate the changes in the game. Here are the top 5 cards, revised. 



The log is a cheap aerial damage card that is great for taking out mobs such as skeletons, goblins and more. This card is only 2 elixir. When used correctly, this card can be effectively used in any situation.

Damage: 319

Elixir cost: 2

Cannon Cart

The cannon cart is the most underrated card in Clash Royale. This card can dish and take major damage. This card has two hitpoint bars: one when the cart is mobile and one when the cart is stationary. When the first runs out, then the cart becomes stationary. This card is almost always sure to do major damage when paired with a splash damage card.

Hitpoints: 1076

Damage: 256

Elixir cost: 5 


The bats are a defense card that can take out land or air cards, but only are effective once the opponent’s attacking card has locked onto something to deal damage to. This card is only 2 elixir. 

Hitpoints: 98

Damage: 98

Elixir cost: 2

Hog Rider

An easy card that doesn’t take any skill to use, the hog rider card will quickly latch onto the opponent’s tower and to major damage. With not much strategy involved, the card is great for beginners and experienced players. 

Hitpoints: 1866

Damage: 49

Elixir cost: 4


This classic card is a great defense and offense component to your deck. It is a splash damage card that can take out mob attacks, tank attacks, and towers. 

Hitpoints: 792

Damage: 309

Elixir cost: 5