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We’ve Played Too Many Games Like Each Other

May 26, 2021

These are the rivals that Grandpa talked about. The ones that, on paper, do not seem naturally inclined to be formed, but play against a team enough times, and something is bound to occur that agitates one side or the other. 

These rivalries are less common than the land dispute, but there is still a significant number of these rivalries to entail.


Paul Bunyan’s Axe

What’s not to be admired about a rivalry that is played for a cartoonishly large wooden ax? The battle for Paul Bunyan’s Axe is the most played rivalry game in FBS college football history, spanning back to the first meeting in 1890, and has been played every single year since, except for 1906.

The series is almost dead even in terms of wins, with Wisconsin leading the all-time series 62-60-8, totaling up to 130 meetings between the two schools.

From 1933-1982, this game served as the regular-season finale between the two schools, which regularly decided who would represent the Big Ten at the Rose Bowl.


The Third Saturday of October

As the name would suggest, this game is traditionally played on the third Saturday of October every year, with the exception of 2020, which was played on the fourth Saturday of October.

These two schools have met a total of 103 times, spanning back to the first meeting in 1901. 

The rivalry came to national prominence under the tenures of Tennessee coach Robert Neyland and Alabama coach Bear Bryant. Under these coaches’ tenures, this game often decided the winner of the Southeastern Conference, and sometimes the winner of the National Championship.

The rivalry has lost national relevance as of recent, with Alabama winning the last fourteen meetings between the two schools, all under the tenure of current Alabama coach Nick Saban.


The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party

Despite the name suggesting a jovial festival of Cocktails and fun, the rivalry between Georgia and Florida is far from festive. 

The game takes place annually in Jacksonville, Florida at a neutral site, which allows for fans of both sides to arrive at the game by boat, creating a unique atmosphere around a nationally prominent game.

These two teams regularly compete for the Southeastern Conference Eastern Division title, which grants the winning team a chance to play in the Conference Championship game.

The two schools have played a total of 98 times, with every game except two being played in Jacksonville since 1933. 

Calls for the game to be moved away from Jacksonville trickle back into prominence every so often, but the tradition looks to stay in Jacksonville for the short future.

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