Survivor Season 41 Premieres

Cable television’s staple reality TV show, Survivor, is back after a year long break. Back on their regular airing schedule, Survivor came on with a two hour season premiere Wednesday Sept. 22.  After being on hiatus due to COVID-19, the show altered many staple characteristics to help conform to modernity since it first aired in 2000. 

Host Jeff Probst started the episode off with a discussion with the players of what the off season meant to them and their survivor gameplay. Many agreed on how the show played a prominent part in their lives, some players even stating that they grew up with Survivor. Players continued to discuss how eager they were to play the game. Many spent their quarantine studying past seasons relentlessly in preparation for this season. 

Another change COVID-19 brought was a change in dates. Normal seasons would last for 39 days but due to the Fiji island restrictions, writers changed the timeline of gameplay to being only 26 days.

In Survivor, a component along with surviving out in the wilderness of Fiji, is finding food sources. Normally at least rice, a few simple tools and a few cooking utensils would be provided for players. But, now with the condensed gameplay timeline, players were only given one machete, flint and a pot. No rice or any other resources were provided this season to increase the game intensity.

The most prominent change to the game is the openness of LGBTQ+ players. Within the two hours, three players announced as being openly a part of the community which was quicker than any previous players in seasons past. Show writers further increased inclusion by changing the well known phrase “come on in guys!” that Probst announces before every challenge to  “come on in!” showing an inclusivity change to the game. 

Players now have to play harder than ever before to show they have what it takes to survive.