Girls Swim Sectionals

This Monday, the Lady H2Olympians competed in the Sectional finals at Columbus North High School. Although the number of competitors is limited, parents and teammates travel from all over the state to support the Sectional finalists vying for a ticket to the State meet.

Amongst all of the supports was East Boys Head Coach Doug Trueblood, who assisted the girls’ coaching staff in supporting the competitors in the face of pressure.

“The girls are swimming really really well. They have worked hard all year for Coach Jill,” Trueblood said. “I get to be here to be a hype man and have some fun and try to get them psyched up.”

Trueblood’s work as a hype man proved successful, and junior Claire Brooks has the receipts to prove it. After a day of anticipation and nerves, Brooks was ready to show up for her upcoming 100 fly.

“It’s different from other sports that I’ve played. You don’t have a whole game to get prepared. You have two minutes to give it your all and leave everything in the pool,” Brooks said.

The State preliminary events are set to occur tonight at 6pm at the IUPUI Natatorium. Be sure to tune in and support the H2Olypians.