World of Wordle


A new adaptation from the forever known crossword puzzle, individuals everywhere are raving about the newest game; Wordle. Wordle is a daily word game you can access online from your phone, tablet, or computer. It is fun, simple and tricky. The catch is, with the New York Times Wordle, you can only complete your Wordle once a day. 

The Oracle staff has been overtaken by Wordle and have been in recent competition over this widely loved word game. The scores are as follows: 

Macey Golden: 

Wordle 233 6/6

Wordle 234 4/6

Wordle 235 3/6

Wordle 236 2/6 

Wordle 237 4/6


Madelynn Garrett: 

Wordle 233 3/6 

Wordle 234 5/6 

Wordle 235 3/6 

Wordle 236 4/6 

Wordle 237 3/6 

There are a few tricks to Wordle. The game allows you to know when you have correct letters in the correct place, highlighting them in green, and the right letters in the wrong place, highlighting them yellow. 

Therefore, starting with the word “Audio” for example, is a way to highlight a surplus of vowels in an attempt to quickly guess the word. 

As this is a fun game to battle against your friends with, be careful, as you get one chance a day with the New York Times Wordle, and spoiling the word to your friends ruins their ability to do their daily wordle. 

As this game continues to grow, it currently holds a 92 satisfaction rating according to Google users.