Gun Safety

School shootings have become a massive problem over the past decade. With these devastating events happening frequently, there is a lot of buzz going around about what the new gun safety laws should be. Some argue that it is their right while others just want to feel safe at school. But apart from school shootings, many children die by firearms in their own homes.

Although there is less light shed on this scenario, homicide by a firearm is a leading cause of death in children ages one to nine.

When storing a firearm in a home many go for the easy access option leaving the firearm in a reachable space incase of a break in, robbery, etc. With young children though, having guns in a household should be handled differently.

Parents often think that a child is not smart enough to reach and/or fire a gun. Children can often not distinguish the difference between a toy gun or a real firearm.

There are four cautious measures that should be taken.

  1. Keep the gun unloaded
  2. Keep the gun locked
  3. Never let children know the location of the keys
  4. Store the ammunition in another place

On the other hand, firearms should also be monitored with older adolescence. Suicide has become a world problem especially in recent years with COVID- 19. Even if a child does not exhibit mental health issues, keeping guns in a secret place is important.