Album review: Radiohead (The Bends)

Isaac Harper, Writer

It’s 1995. Music is slowly reaching a whole new level of emotion. Whether it’s anger, depression or a slow descent into insanity, one of the best examples of this era would have to be Radiohead’s “The Bends”.

The album implements a constant feeling of anxiety and then relinquishes it in moments of ecstasy created purely by the melodies being created. This is then well complemented by Thom Yorke’s vocals which bring a feeling of sadness to the overall piece. Creating a mixing pot for music fans to get lost in.

The album starts with louder electric songs(“Planet Telex”) bringing a very 1990s angry vibe to everything. This is what really builds the album, making it into one big ballad by the end. This is very evident when “Street Spirit” comes in and releases the tension made by the previous pieces.

The interview you see above is talking about the cycles of the band in general. But is definitely applicable to the album in the end.

Overall, the album should be on your listen list. So if you haven’t already, give this album a listen.