Album review: Adele’s “25”


Isaac Harper, Writer

Due to the fact that almost all of my editors are Adele fans I can’t really say anything bad about the album “25”. However, even with that in mind I don’t think that I can really say anything that is bad at all.
Compared to Adele’s previous albums, she took a more dark and heavy turn. And I don’t mean heavy like metal heavy, I mean heavy like emotionally heavy.

For example, here are some lyrics from her first single, Hello, from “25”
Hello, it’s me, I was wondering
If after all these years you’d like to meet to go over everything
They say that time’s supposed to heal, yeah
But I ain’t done much healing

This set of lyrics from her song “Hello” really lays down the foundation and sets the mood for how to rest of the album is going to flow.

Musically, Adele’s writers have always been able to write catchy and creative beats, and it doesn’t stop with the new album. Although it takes a more downbeat vibe, it still comes out very catchy.

Not only is this album a musical feat, but it is also blowing away sales. It has sold 3.38 million copies in the U.S. alone. Putting it simply, that is a lot of copies. The album even became the best selling album in the U.S. in just a single week.

So with all of these statistics and opinions, this album should sound very interesting. So just go ahead and join the majority of the world and just listen to it.