Tips for staying healthy and fit during Winter


Irma Bruce

A yogurt parfait with fruit is a great option for a healthy breakfast.

For many people, staying fit and healthy throughout all of winter is a challenge. The weather is cold and unpleasant, so for most people that means no bicycling, hiking, running, and most of all, no outdoor sports. During the cold season, gaining a few pounds and getting colds are the typical downfall of winter. For a lot of people winter may also be an excuse to stay home in bed all day with no motivation. However, sitting in bed all day or sitting on the couch, watching tv and drinking hot coco didn’t get you the fitness you had over the summer, fall, or spring. Here are 5 great tips to help stay healthy and fit throughout the winter.

1. Diet
A balanced and healthy diet is crucial during any season but especially for winter. Some people won’t do any extreme exercises during the winter so having healthy meals is very important for your health. Try to avoid many processed foods like frozen meals, fast food, french fries and cheeseburgers. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. For example, a bowl of fruit and oats with whole grain toast is a healthy breakfast. Pop Tarts, toaster strudels, candy and chocolate are terrible choices for breakfast.

2. Indoor exercises
Even though it’s cold and snowy outside, you can still do workouts indoors. Exercises like crunches, sit ups, jumping jacks, leg lifts, squats and jumping rope are very effective ways to keep toned during the winter. Doing yoga also relieves stress and improves your emotional state. Trying these exercises at least 30 minutes a day, six days a week keeps you fit.

3. Sleep
Sleep is essential for maintaining a healthy body whether it’s summer or winter. It’s like food for the brain. The average teenager should be getting about eight to ten hours of sleep according to the National Sleep Foundation. Sleeping is your body’s way of resting your muscles and restoring itself. Without sleep, your body won’t function properly throughout the day.

4. Holiday Activities
Winter is a cold and snowy season. However, getting in your warmest clothes and heading outside to go sledding or to play in the snow and build a snowman is a fun and effective way of being active over the season. Make sure to wear a coat and gloves to avoid the cold.

5. Skin Care
During the winter, many people have troubles with dry skin and chapped lips. Keeping your skin moisturized is a great way to keep your skin healthy. Washing your hands after using the bathroom and before eating also helps with keeping germs away. Keeping chap stick on you at all times is helpful so you’ll never have dry or chapped lips.

There are many ways to stay healthy and fit through the coldest season. Following all of these tips will help tremendously on being fit and healthy.