East drama department prepares for play

Ensemble members perform “Giving Them What They Want”.

Lauren Schumacher, Writer

The East Drama Department will be performing Dirty Rotten Scoundrels on 7 pm Friday, 7 pm Saturday and 2:30 on Sunday.Main performers include Senior Luke Major, Sophomore Tanner Stevens, Sophomore Delaney Jackson, Senior Sarah Harpring, Senior Zack Patchett and sophomore Natalie Ryan.

Over the eight weeks of preparation, the East Drama Department has been compiling a list of some various materials used, from typical prop-building supplies to unusual items.
6 cans of paint
4 pizzas
56 polar pops
112 2x4s
29 stairs on set
1 senior
1 bale of straw
2 near death experiences
3 dead animals
132 hours per techie
6 boxes of Capri Suns
45 degrees- average temperature of the dock
136 lights
32 wheels
937 screws
200 light cues
22 pieces of music
32 set cues
12 physical hits
5 foreign exchange students