East welcomes new nurse


Lauren Schumacher

East’s new nurse, Larri Kay Mahoney, poses at her desk.

Lauren Schumacher, Writer

On Monday, February 29th, Larri Kay Mahoney joined the Columbus East High School’s staff as the school nurse.

Mahoney, who has also has worked in sub-acute rehab and home healthcare with pediatrics, stated, “I’ve always wanted to be a school nurse. I got my way in and worked part time and finally the full time position came open.”

While being a school nurse offers better hours and schedules than a hospital nurse, Mahoney said that the main reason for becoming a school nurse was having “the opportunity to be an influence in teens’ lives.”

“I love kids, I really do, and teens have always been my favorite.”

With a usual day consisting of helping young people with chronic illnesses, sore throats, headaches, cuts, and the occasional broken bone, Mahoney will have plenty of chances to make a difference.

“I want to affect people. I’m not here to just hold down a job. I’m here to make friends. There’s lots of young people here with disease processes and I want to help them with that,” said Mahoney. “I’m most looking forward to changing kids’ lives by being able to help children that are affected and need my help.”