Antisocial Alternatives: Prom

Sam Newell

High School Prom has been considered a rite of passage of sorts for high schoolers all around the United States. However, not everybody ends up going. This could be for a multitude of reasons. Couldn’t get a date? Don’t like dancing? Don’t want to spend 300 dollars on clothes, tickets, dinner, and flowers? No worries, the Oracle has your back.

During prom, keep in mind that the majority of high-schoolers will be there. That gives you a green light to do any other activity that is usually marred by an abundance of teenagers. The movies, for example, will not be nearly as packed as they normally are. Bearing in mind that a certain superhero movie about a civil war is being released this weekend, this would be the perfect window of opportunity to go see it. However, if movies aren’t your thing, feel free to do anything else that you want to. Literally anything. Play video games, hang with a friend, crash after prom. You could even go to wherever all of your cool friends are hanging out after they’re done with prom.

The point is that you don’t have to go to prom to have fun on a Saturday night. In fact, without the relentless societal pressures of having fun and impressing everyone, it can be better than prom.