Maybe Boys Do Cry

Corbin Parmer, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Frank Ocean, a contemporary R&B artist from L.A., rumored the drop of his new album, titled “Boys Don’t Cry”, for this past Friday. This never happened, however.

Ocean’s album is nowhere in sight, with no explanation released about the delay, and no news of a new release date.

Ocean began his career working on tracks for other artists, and he released his debut solo album, “nostalgia, ULTRA” in 2011.

His 2012 follow-up album, “channel ORANGE”, become exceptionally popular, and established a fan base full of anticipation, made of both casual music listeners and music critics.

Ocean’s listeners waited together online for the midnight release of “Boys Don’t Cry” on Friday. When the midnight mark passed, and no album was dropped, fans were heavily disappointed, and some even angered.

Tweets were posted left and right, describing the royal disappointment and pressure in his fan base.

“Boys Don’t Cry” never truly had an official release date, however. Fans got this date from a couple odd sources, including a picture of a library book check out card with a series of date stamps, with one being “July 2016”, and an all-night livestream on a mysterious, where Ocean built what many fans thought to be a staircase to nowhere in a full suit.

Ocean has built up a record of being spontaneous with his releases. He has been off the grid for a couple years now, after taking down his Twitter page in 2013. Also, “channel ORANGE” was released a week earlier than the official date, with no heads-up.

For now, fans continue to try to decode any or all of Ocean’s pictures on his website or Twitter for any clues on the newest release, and are forced to entertain themselves with his past work until “Boys Don’t Cry” finally comes out.