Film Digest: September

Film Digest: September

Alex Hahn

Face it: fall is normally a movie slump and September is often one of the worst months for cinema. But if you are still seeking six dollar entertainment next month, here are five of the films we’re most excited for.

5) “Sully”

This film is “The Miracle on the Hudson” performed by Tom Hanks with a moustache. In case you don’t remember that news cycle, the “Miracle on the Hudson” was the name the media gave the story of a pilot landing his plane on the Hudson River after hitting a flock of geese.

This dramatization of that event looks at the day of the landing and the following media circus that tears the pilot apart. For those who love dramatic films or Tom Hanks, mark your calendars.

“Sully” is rated PG-13 and will premiere on September 9.

4) “When the Bough Breaks”

Films that play psychological games have a very special place in my heart, and this is one of them. Focused on a surrogate mother working for a young professional couple, this film watches jealousy blossom into insanity as violence slowly takes root.

This thriller features all African American leads and gives a horrifying exaggeration of what happens when jealousy gets out of hand. If you’ve been clamoring for more diversity in film, or want to caution yourself against taking drastic actions, go give the filmmakers your money.

“When the Bough Breaks” is rated R and will premiere on September 9.

3) “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children”

Director Tim Burton does what he wants, and apparently he wanted to do the X-Men. Assembling a family of characters with powers ranging from cliche to bizarre, Burton takes his misfit band of kids and faces them off against Samuel L. Jackson and his undead “Wights” intent on their death.

This Burton fantasy adventure gels nicely with the director’s credits, giving off the vibe of a darker “Alice in Wonderland”. If any of Burton’s films were hits with you, go. If you love the weirdness of comic books, go.

“Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children” is rated PG-13 and will premiere on September 30.

2) “Storks”

Taking everyone’s favorite childhood lie and ramping it up to its logical extreme, “Storks” follows an orphaned human and a rookie stork as they attempt to deliver a human baby to its mother and father. Their trip is hampered by wolves and tech glitches as they learn an obligatory lesson about family.

You should go see “Storks”. It’s hard to go wrong with an animated kids film, and Warner Brothers needs a hit. Yet beyond the guilt trip, “Storks” manages to hold its own with the trailer packing plenty of humor, and a little bit of soul as well.

“Storks” is rated PG and will premiere on September 23.

1) “Morgan”

Fans of Ridley Scott have been waiting for the director to return to form for nearly 15 years, and while “The Martian” was a smash hit, redemption for the Scott family may come not for the legendary director of “Alien” and “Blade Runner”, but from his son, Luke Scott.

In Scott’s directorial debut he crafts a film attempting to blend “Ex Machina” with “Alien”. Whether or not that mix pays off will remain to be seen, but in the case of a success, it will be a sight to behold.

“Morgan” tells the tale of an artificial girl raised in a lab and endowed with extraordinary powers. As she grows beyond the control of her creators, the questions of her personhood and right to live come into play, especially after a violent outburst kills one of her creators.

“Morgan” is rated R and will premiere on September 2.