Athlete of the Week: Justin Copas

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Athlete of the Week: Justin Copas

Eli Newell, Web Staff

Junior soccer player Justin Copas has taken a bigger role for the Olympians this season. Copas scored 2 goals last Saturday against Fishers along with an assist in their 5-1 victory. Then, the Olympians took down Jennings County 4-0 with 2 assists from Copas.

Q: How does it feel to be athlete of the week?

A: It’s very exciting considering the amount of athletes at Columbus East High School

Q: What is your pregame routine?

A: Usually, I try to get there earlier than normal to get my head in the game more and I like to put headphones in and not let anyone talk to me.

Q: How was your offense able to get going these past few games? 

A: Against Fishers we had a plan to set in and counter attack more and once we got off to a good start and I scored my two goals, the floodgates opened and everyone started to score.

Q: How do you decide where to go on your free kicks?

A: After setting it up, you read where the wall is at and where the goalie is and depending on what direction and where the rest of your team is at. That’s the deciding factor of where you place the ball.

Q: How do you plan on carrying this success throughout the rest of your season?

A: Just try to do the same thing we did against Fishers, just move the ball like we know how and be able to put goals in when we need them.

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