Friday Feuds: Fall Break

Drew Hasson and Dane Denniston

Drew Hasson

This past year, BCSC decided to change the school schedule regarding Fall and Thanksgiving Break. The old schedule from 2012-2014 gave BCSC students and teachers a two week break for Fall Break and 3 days off for Thanksgiving Break. The two week break, in my opinion, is too long. One week for each is just right. Thanksgiving break has always felt too short and fall break was too long. Now that they have broken it up a little it feels just right. This new schedule fits perfect for students who have to travel far for Thanksgiving to see family. These reasons support why the new schedule is much more efficient for students. The old schedule gave students too much time off at once. The Thanksgiving break gives students a lot of time to do work over the break in the middle of the quarter. Some students feel like too long of a break could affect their grades.

Dane Denniston

BCSC decided to change the school schedule from two weeks at Fall Break to only one week at Fall Break and one week off during the week of Thanksgiving. Previously during the week of Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving Day and the Friday after were vacation days. Many students had two weeks off from school and had plenty of time to relax and take a break from school after a long first quarter. With the change after the 2014-15 school year, students now have only one week of break after the first quarter. In the second quarter of school, Thanksgiving Break is halfway through the quarter. When students take a week off it is hard for them to come back to school and give a good effort. In a few short weeks after break, students have finals at the end of the semester, but do not feel the urge to study. The week of Thanksgiving Break makes students feel less motivated in school and this leads to less productivity. While many students feel the weeks of vacation are better off being broken up, the change in the schedule has had a negative effect on students’ grades.

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