Film Digest: November


Alex Hahn, Writer

November is when film slowly starts to pick itself up from the slumps of September and October. Here to help guide you through the month is the Oracle’s film digest with five of our most anticipated films.

5)Hacksaw Ridge

War films, war films never change. Telling the story of a pacifist medic fighting in WWII, “Hacksaw Ridge” rolls out the major tropes of war films. There are heartfelt moments of tender romance between the protagonist and his love interest. There is the arc from outcast underdog soldier to war hero.
Yet “Hacksaw Ridge” is boosted by the star power of of Andrew Garfield and Mel Gibson. With the combination of promising talent and the positive critical previews this film is looking like another solid entry into the war film anthology.
“Hacksaw Ridge” premieres November 3 and is slated to show at AMC.

4) Moana

Following a young princess with amazing navigational skill and a legendary demigod, Moana should fit into the Disney fold with a bend of magic and childlike mischief.
Having pulled from fairy tales, American History and the mythology of Europe and Asia, Disney turns to the Pacific Islands to draw inspiration for this animated tale. Written in part by “Hamilton” star writer and composer Lin-Manuel Miranda and boasting a cast that blends talented experiance and new voices “Moana” should meet the level of quality Disney implies.
“Moana” will be released November 23, and is slated to show at AMC.

3) Doctor Strange

The Marvel Movie Making Machine spits out another one. Pulling in British actor Benedict Cumberbatch and dabbling in kaleidoscope cinematography, “Doctor Strange” marks marvel’s next attempt to push lesser know characters into the spotlight.
Directed by Scott Derrickson, who is best known for his horror work, this film may prove a departure from the rest of Marvel’s works, however given the Studio’s history that seems unlikely. Yet, for fans of the studio giant, that is good news.
Doctor Strange will be released November 4, and is slated to show at The YES Cinema and AMC.

2) The Edge of Seventeen

High School movies, they either get it totally wrong or hit the nail upon the head. Early review for this film are in and they give it praise stating that despite all appearances of generic teen comedy, this film manages to have a soul.
With the, admittedly few, critics who have seen “The Edge of Seventeen” drawing comparisons to “Mean Girls” and “American Graffiti” more often than “The Duff” or “Easy A” the future bodes well for the filmmakers involved.
“The Edge of Seventeen” will be released November 18, and is slated to show at AMC.

1) Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

While Star Wars fans waited over 10 years for their franchise to rise from the grave, Harry Potter fans anticipate the return of their beloved film with a near equal passion, after only five years in between. Fortunately for fans their next film looks good.
Following Newt Scamander the film explores the American side of Harry Potter’s world, over 60 years before the boy who lived visits Hogwarts. Yet despite the jarring change in setting, the filmmakers took pains to establish consistency. Penned by Rowling herself, and directed by David Yates, who oversaw the last four Harry Potter films, Fantastic Beasts will at the very least avoid the criticisms leveled at “The Cursed Child”.
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them will be released November 18, and is slated to show at The YES Cinema and AMC.