Friday Feuds: Snow Days vs 2 Hour Delays

Caleb Kinnaird and Thomas Myers

Snow Days (Thomas)

A snow day is the better call to make when the weather conditions are rough.  A snow day ensures that kids will stay off the slick, icy roads and will keep high schoolers safe and secure at home. Even though you miss a day of school, East has itslearning now, so students can see homework and assignments from home and catch up on their work. Kids worry about making up the days during the end of the year, but by that time kids are watching movies and not doing much in class. It's worth it to have a fun snow day and sled to enjoy the day off instead of going to school. Everyone loves snow days, so the superintendent should call more snow days than two hour delays.

2 Hour Delays (Caleb)

When winter weather conditions are harsh or extreme often the superintendent will choose to shorten or cancel school. The better of the two choices for BCSC’s new superintendent to make is a two hour delay. First, two hour delays are better than snow days because they shorten your classes for the day. Who doesn’t love having 25 minute classes? Also, a two hour delay makes conditions better: it allows temperatures to increase before kids stand outside and drive on the roads. Whenever a two hour delay is called students are relieved because they get two extra hours of sleep to help them be energized for school. Lastly, two hour delays are better because they have some of the benefits of snow days without the drawback of having to make up the school day.

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