Friday Feuds: Is it worth it to take AP classes in high school?


Thomas Myers and Drew Hasson

No (Drew)

Students at Columbus East are given the choice to take college-level courses in high school. While they may not be required, many students do choose to take them. AP classes can cause students too much stress within their already busy and tough schedule. These classes can be very tough and cause students’ GPA to drop if they do not do well. To receive credit in these classes they are also required to pass the test at the end of the course in May. The test has a cost and some do not want to have to pay for this test. The classes some students may decide to take might have no relation to what they major in in college, which would make the class a waste of time. AP classes in high school may have some advantages for a student, but can contribute to stress and even not getting the credit you worked for if you do not pass the test. Students can prepare for these topics by taking the high school level of these courses and not the college level. College courses should be saved for college and should not be taken in high school.

Yes (Thomas)

It is totally worth it to take AP classes in high school. If you take an AP class in high school you can get college credits for a much cheaper price. Taking the AP class in high school is much easier than the college course and takes less time. Although AP classes are correlated with a heavy workload, the excess of homework prepares students for college. It will also give students a glance of what college work and life will look like. Overall, taking AP classes in high school will prepare you for college, save you money and give you college credit.  

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