Friday Feuds: Vacation vs Staycation

Caleb Kinnaird and Thomas Myers

Vacation (Caleb)

The best option for students on Spring Break is to take a vacation. First, a vacation gets students away from home and allows them to experience something besides what they see every day. Students can also travel to places such as Florida to enjoy the warm weather to get a break from the cold, Indiana winter. Vacations also allow students to get away from the daily stress that they are reminded of in Columbus. Whether it is chilling on the beach or taking a dip in the pool, getting away from home is the best stress reliever. This break from school clears students’ minds and lets them come back to school with motivation to finish off the year on a good note. Overall, getting away from home for Spring Break is the better choice.

Staycation (Thomas)

The best option is to stay home and enjoy the time off. When you stay home you get to be with your family and have a chance to hang out with other friends that stayed home. Going on vacation is very expensive and a pain to plan, while staying at home is easy and stress-free. If you are a big college basketball fan, you could go to Indianapolis to watch the first two rounds of March Madness. Staying home ensures that you will rest up and it helps you to enjoy your week off. When you think about it, staying home is overall the better decision because you have the opportunity to hang out with your friends and can catch up on rest.

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