Friday Feuds: Yes! Cinema vs. AMC

Drew Hasson and Thomas Myers

Yes! Cinema (Drew)

Columbus has two different options for someone that wants to go to a movie in town. There is the big-time movie theatre chain, AMC, and there is locally owned and run Yes! Cinema. Yes! Cinema is the better place to catch a movie at because of the prices. Not only are the movie tickets cheaper, but the food and drink options are much cheaper too. AMC is always crowded and sometimes even sells out, while Yes! always seems to not be crowded and you always fit comfortably in the theatre. Yes! Is also located in the old downtown of Columbus right next to the Commons. Yes! Cinema is the best option to watch a movie in town because of the prices, crowds and location.

AMC (Thomas)

Columbus has many great options for going out and having a good time. Many people enjoy going and watching a movie. There are two choices for movies in town; one is Yes! Cinema and the other is the greater and more reliable AMC Theaters. AMC is a much larger movie theater and has many more screens than Yes! Cinema. Yes! Cinema only has two movie theaters, and AMC has 12. AMC has a larger snack selection and a giant parking lot, unlike Yes! Cinema, making it a lot easier to park. At AMC there are way more movie options at more flexible times, making it better for people to go see the movie they want to.

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