Friday Feuds: Tacos vs. Burritos

Caleb Kinnaird and Ben Allen

Tacos (Caleb)

On the Cinco de Mayo holiday families across America often choose their favorite Mexican dish to eat for dinner. The best Mexican dish someone can eat for dinner is tacos. First of all, a few tacos is the perfect portion for a good dinner; burritos are often too loaded and fill you up before you can eat the whole thing. Tacos can also be made with a hard shell, soft tortilla, or both, whereas burritos can only be made with a soft tortilla. If you prefer a crunch the taco is the choice to go with. You can also make a variety of different tacos that aren’t usually made as burritos, such as fish tacos, chicken tacos, spaghetti tacos, and dessert tacos. In conclusion, tacos are the best Cinco de Mayo dinner because of their options and variety.

Burritos (Ben)

Instead of eating a boring taco on this Cinco de Mayo, head to the nearest Chipotle and grab a giant burrito filled with fresh ingredients. If eating out isn’t your thing, then go ahead and bring home ingredients from the supermarket and make your own. Burritos are a superior choice to tacos because of the massive amount of ingredients they can be filled with. While tacos traditionally hold small amounts of meat with some toppings, burritos can hold scoops of food, all wrapped together in the perfect burrito. At Chipotle, burritos can be substituted for the just as popular burrito bowl. This is a healthy alternative because it lacks the carbohydrates from the tortilla. Overall, burritos are better than tacos because they can hold more food, are less messy, and just taste better.

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