Defenders: Netflix Fights Back

Isaac Harper, A&E Editor

When it comes to superhero TV shows, your options tend to be pretty limited. For example, you could watch CW series such as “Arrow”, “Flash” or “Supergirl”, but there is one thing all of those lack.

That thing is a budget for special effects.

That is why when Netflix released “Daredevil” people got excited quickly. The first season took a very strong perspective on one of the most underrated Marvel characters by mixing bone breakingly good action and courtroom drama to make a gripping story.

What saved “Daredevil” from its fellow competitors is that it did not have to rely on special effects or powers to drive home their hero, but the fact he’s amazing at fighting.

When Netflix realized they did good by the way of “Daredevil”, they quickly developed more shows. “Iron Fist”, “Luke Cage” and “Jessica Jones” were all released to set up for the next show in their elaborate plan.

“The Defenders.”

“The Defenders” puts all of the Netflix characters together to make a very compelling series. Mostly due to the fact all the characters are pretty much meant to work together.

To start, the action in “The Defenders” is top notch. It makes you almost want to go out and be a vigilante yourself before realizing that you don’t have any abilities and you’d be better off staying inside watching it instead of living it.

The color palette for the show is visually appealing also. Since the series shows the dark underbelly of New York the color palette obviously needs to match, and it does this very well. On top of that all four of the characters have a color specific to them which is why you can often pick up some clues based on the colors being shown.

When it comes to negatives, there are a few considerable ones. One being the often forced dialogue from characters.

The writing at points often feels very dry and forced, especially when characters first meet.

Another negative being that the characters are introduced over two hour long episodes. Which may sound nice and informative, but when you already get the storylines of all of the characters, you get bored quick.

However when the action kicks in, it is beyond worth it.