New Bleachers: Let’s Sit On It

Chesney Loehr, Writer

The main gym has been under new renovations for the bleachers since mid-June.  This new installment is causing major changes amongst the peers .  

Maycie Porter, sophomore, has had to change her daily routine to and from weights class.  

“It takes more time to get to the weight room and it takes longer to get back to the locker room during weights. Instead of just heading straight up I have to walk around the construction then go to weights,” Porter said.

Not only is the construction affecting her during weights but it is causing her to worry about being late to classes.

“If I am not careful I may be late…It causes more stress in my day,” Porter said.

Along with affecting students during their daily routine, it is also affecting the athletics. The volleyball team is having to relocate all of their home games to the auxiliary gym until the bleachers are done. The relocation results in less seating space and longer nights for the players.

Besides volleyball, other athletic activities are being affected.  

“It affects the basketball open gyms, P.E classes and we’ve been pretty blessed that we haven’t had a lot of rain, so teams haven’t had to come in to practice,” said Huse.

Luckily, Huse has some good insight about the bleachers and when they will be finished.

“The pinpoint date for finish is September 27,” Huse said.

The finish date is one day before the East vs. North home game for volleyball, which means the Varsity volleyball  game will be the first to be held in the new and improved Orange Pit.