Friday Feuds: Is it too early to be Christmas-y?

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Friday Feuds: Is it too early to be Christmas-y?

Abigail Larken and Liz Hagan

Christmas is just over three months away. Students have different opinions on when the right time is to start showing their Christmas spirit. 

Yes (Liz)

Christmas is the most wonderful time of year; however, it is too early for cheerful songs to be playing and shiny decorations to be hung. Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas, but participating in the festivities too early causes me to get burnt out before they actually begin to take place.

Celebrating Christmas early also takes the fun out of the fall themed things, such as pumpkin patches, apple orchards, hayrides, and bonfires. Besides, we cannot ignore the big holidays that come before Christmas, such as Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Halloween is a time for people to dress up as their favorite character or hand out candy, not a time to be singing along to Here Comes Santa Claus. I mean, seriously, how many kids do you think would want to dress up as Santa Claus for their Halloween costume?

During Thanksgiving, we should give thanks for all we have and spend time with our families. If we start thinking about Christmas before that, we will anticipate the giving and receiving of gifts rather than appreciate what we have already been given.

Christmas only comes one time a year, and we should reserve our celebrations for the specific amount of time we are given during the month of December. So hold off on the joys of Christmas and cherish the Christmas spirit during the correct time of year.

No (Abigail)

Since I was little, Christmas has always been a magical time of the year for me. Even now as an 18 year old I still love Christmas, which is why I spread the Christmas cheer all year long. Likewise, it is never too early for the Christmas spirit to be displayed.

Christmas socks seem to be the cutest, sweaters are the warmest, music is the best, and movies are the funniest, so why should they only be celebrated for one month? There is nothing wrong with wanting to enjoy the small things in life, even if they do not fit in the “time of the year.”

For me, Christmas is not just celebrated early, but  all of the time. Though nothing can match the feeling of Christmas Time, it can be nice to pretend through music or movies.

Overall, no matter what time of the year, it is nice to be reminded of the love and joy that seem to circulate Christmas Time. So no matter what the Scrooges say, if you enjoy Christmas, plug in your lights, turn up the Christmas jams and enjoy the best time of the year all of the time.


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