Spectacular Spooky Spots

Where to go to Find the Best Spooky Activities

Kat Richardson and Cam Key

October is here! And residents all over Indiana are gearing up for the excitement that the month brings.

Every year, Hoosiers all over the state work together to turn mundane houses, corn fields and abandoned buildings into haunting works of fall revelry. So if you have a bunch of friends who just really want to die of fear, here are some spectacular spooky spots for you.

  1. School
    1. There’s already a lot of people in the hallways, just think of the impending epidemics that could start next because of “that” freshman who stopped in the middle of the hallway and sneezed into the open air.
    2. Senior Projects
    3. Teachers who don’t know what they’re doing.
  2. Anywhere that requires emotional commitment
    1. I mean, what’s spookier than having to face your feelings in any format?
    2. We are high school students, we don’t need any emotional support so why have emotions at all.
  3. Parties that start past 7 p.m.
    1. If it’s not a study party…I’m not interested. Thanks.
  4. Home
    1. It’s empty, all the time. Well, it’s empty of people, but there are plenty of demons.
    2. Back to that emotional support thing, there’s none of that there.
  5. Your own head
    1. There’s no escaping those demons, kids.
    2. That haunted house never shuts down.